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JOHN D RUSSELL | Lifestyle + Commercial Photographer

Welcome to my website! My name is John D. Russell and I am a Professional Lifestyle & Commercial Photographer based in Manhattan Beach, CA. (a quiet beach town in Los Angeles). I am passionate about my craft and I have been shooting professionally for over a decade.

I create powerful images that help your business connect with your target market and sell more of your products or services.

Being a successful Commercial Photographer in Los Angeles is no small feat and I'm honored to work with so many amazing clients.

They stick with me for one major reason..






i do this by creating epic, thought provoking images that sell my clients' products and services

My Client List Includes: 

Ford, Toyota, Skechers, Mind Valley, Integramed, and many more..

my Areas of expertise


Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portrait Photography is typically done on location. The idea is to capture you in your everyday environment. Unlike a traditional business portrait or 'head shot', environmental portraits capture the essence of person and helps tell a deeper story about the individual. These images are used in everything from print to web.


team portraits

I work with a lot of businesses to help capture their business culture visually. We do this to help them attract top talent. If you're not marketing to your potential employees effectively, you're bound to end up with candidates who aren't qualified or in alignment with your company culture. Like attracts like.


marketing photography 

In today's business environment you have to be visual and you have to tell stories. It's the only way to effectively stand out from your competition. You never get a second chance at a first impression. Make it count.


social media marketing photography

We've all heard it before, "Content is King." The fact is however, not all content is created equal. Data shows my work increases engagement substantially for my clients. I guess now's a good time to mention - one of my photos is the most 'loved' image on Toyota USA's Instagram account ever! EVER!!!


corporate event photography

It's important that you hire  a photographer to capture your corporate events.  After all, you spend time and money on everything from food and drinks to decor and entertainment. Whether it's a Gala, Awards Presentation, Staff Party, Annual Event or Fundraiser, I've got you covered.


product photography

I've shot it all. Everything from sporting equipment to industrial machinery. If  you make a product, I can make it come to life and help you sell more with visually stunning and captivating images that resonate with your target market.

Other areas I specialize in


food photography

I've shot food all over the world from Singapore to the (even smaller) island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I've been hired by resorts and 4 star restaurants worldwide. If you have a food related business it's important your food photography really stand out.


fitness Photography

I have a lot of clients in this space. Gym Owners, Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers, and a handful of Professional Athletes. I've photographed stars such as, Magic Johnson (NBA), Ron Artest (NBA), Johnnie Morton (NFL), Tim Shaw (NFL) and more. If you're selling yourself to people with the impression that you'll make them healthier, stronger, and faster - your photography better demonstrate that.


health + Wellness    photography

I love this space. Working with business owners who are passionate about health and wellness always makes for great content. Logistically the shoots themselves can be a challenge but we always pull it off and have fun in the process. In an industry dominated by image, if yours isn't exceptional - you're going to struggle. 


medical + pharma      photography

I have a lot of clients in the medical industry. Lately, I've been working with a lot of fertility clinics and doctor offices around the West Coast including all over California, Oregon,d Washington State. I get hired (and rehired) to create images that showcase the human side of science and that speak to your their prospective customers.


automotive photography

I shoot regularly with Toyota USA creating high quality imagery with a quick turnaround (often less than 24 hours). We travel around the U.S. telling stories combining product, talent, and cityscapes.


Interior design photography


musician + Artist photography

I've had the insane pleasure of photographing some of modern music's most iconic celebrities including John Legend and Bruno Mars to name a few. If you're getting ready to launch a new album or need some new photography for your marketing efforts I've photographed the best in the business.